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At some point in roughly 2004, Adelaide rock band THINKTANK disappeared. Maybe it was a "hiatus"? Perhaps an extended break? Potentially a break-up, but without a final show, no ever really knew. Now , Almost twenty years later...... It's time to revisit where their hearts started, to remember those convictions still held, and to stand right beside you singing......One last time.


SERAPHS COAL - The resurrection is over but don't be sad. Seraphs are saying thankyou to all the people who made the shows so special by doing one final show. They will be headlining the night and to help celebrate they've just released a new (old) record. "OUT OF TIME" is a collection of songs written in the mid to late 90's, freshened up and recorded at Ghost Note Studios in January 2020.


ANTISKEPTIC -  It’s been over ten years since the original lineup of rock band Antiskeptic finished up after a ten year career that spanned a massive 1000 shows worldwide. So, it is with HUGE excitement that we can announce the return of this much loved trio to Adelaide, one of their most requested cities to visit.  With a newfound fire and passion burning brighter than ever, this is not just a reunion - ANTISKEPTIC ARE BACK.


S.T.R -These guys need no introduction. One of Adelaide's hardest working pop punk bands threw in the towel around 2005 and promised to never play again. We were told over and over a sold out reunion in 2011 was "more than enough" & "you're a glutton for punishment", but here we are. We also hear from the grapevine there might be a vinyl of "When Words Fail" released for the show.


This massive night will be opened up by no other than Adelaide's MOVE TO STRIKE, also reforming for one more goodbye.



Sydney, Australia