Happy Places with Nerdlinger

Aussie punk rock legends Nerdlinger have had an absolutely massive 2018. With new record, a USA tour, playing one of punk rocks biggest festivals The FEST, and plenty of shoe beers along the way, these guys are showing no sign of slowing down! In the lead up to Gingerfest 2018, Scotty and Antix from Nerdlinger were kind enough to have a little chinwag with Gingerfest’s Josh Anderson.


 You guys just got back from a United States tour including playing at The Fest last month! How where the shows? Any shoe beers drunk? Or Green tea ice cream served in hot dog rolls?


Antix: The East Coast was awesome. We met some cool people / bands who really took care of us (Ate Bit from Beacon, New York and the crew from Lvl the Room in Gainesville, Florida) really went above and beyond for us. Fest was brilliant too. It’s the first time we’ve ever been and the vibe around the town for the weekend was like nothing else. We were a little worried about playing at midnight on the Sunday night but man did Fest turn it on for us!

 Scotty: We managed to dodge the shoeys’, luckily enough it wasn’t too hard to find volunteers in the crowd. For a first crack at the States it was great! We just got home and played a show to a packed house too so that was a nice welcome home present.


Your latest album Happy Place was realised back in July and guys have done a shit load of shows touring the album. How are you finding the new material is being received?


Antix: Usually by sound waves travelling through the atmosphere but i’m sure if you are at the front you can feel the vibrations too. I heard some people received copies in the post too… what a world we live in!

 Scott: Struth it’s been humbly surprising to hear so many people enjoying some things we enjoyed making.


Some sad news reading that Michael Cannings is hanging up the boots from drumming for Nerdlinger. In my opinion he is one Australia’s best punk drummers!  What are the reasons for his departure and do you think he may come back after a break?


Scott: It’s a bummer but he’s gotta do his thing so we wish him all the best. He’s definitely up there, there’s talks that Cam from Bodyjars cousins friends older distant relative knows someone who used to live with the same people that played drums in a Living End cover band: Reliving End, and accordion to a guy  they know someone who might be interested in giving it a go.

Happy Places.jpg

What does Nerdlinger have Planned for 2019?


Antix: We’ve got a trip over to WA coming up early next year before we take a few months off. We’ve also got a split with 3 other bands from across the globe in the works with some left over tracks from the Happy Place Sessions. We’re also looking at heading to Europe and / or possibly back to the US next year too.


I have been on tour with you lads twice once playing shows on the Nerdlinger / Revellers tour in 2014 and as a tag along in Japan in 2015.  You guys continue touring like crazy, partying with everyone at the gig and never seem to slow down. Do you have any advice for bands looking to tour as much as you?


Antix: You have to love what you do. A lot of work and a lot of sacrifices goes in behind the scenes to do what we do. Sure we like to party, but it’s about pacing yourself and taking care of yourself too. We always make sure we are there to support the other bands on the shows but that doesn’t mean we are going to excess every night! Didn’t we break you in Japan too? I’m pretty sure you couldn’t check out one morning and booked a second night in the hotel.


Nerdlinger are playing at Gingerfest 2018, MOLO LIVE @ANU, Canberra December 15th. For people that have never seen you play before what should they expect from your live show?

Antix: For us to turn up, Scott will probably throw up on stage and I’m sure Tim will complain about something. They will both probably call me fat at some stage too but joke’s on them because I’ll drink their rider.

Catch Nerdlinger at:

Gingerfest 2018

Saturday 15 December 2018 at MOLO LIVE @ ANU, Canberra

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